No-Contract • 24 Hour Access • Lalor Gym


The Fitness Workshop Lalor Gym is your go-to 24/7 access, no contract club for all your health, weight loss and fitness needs.

Situated in the new Mosaic Estate in Lalor, the friendly staff and experienced personal trainers pride themselves on maintaining a close community and a safe environment for you to workout.

The Fitness Workshop is full of the latest gym equipment and operates 24/7 allowing you to take control of your health, increase fitness and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Staffed Hours:

Monday - Friday:
4pm - 7pm
9am - Midday
Sunday & Public Holidays not staffed

If you would like to sign up and cannot make it during staffed hours please contact us on 0423292154 to arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.

Lalor, Epping, Thomastown - we're the best local gym!

Take Control Of Your Fitness

The Fitness Workshop provides amazing facilities and friendly staff, but ask yourself, what motivates you? There are great benefits for joining our Lalor Gym including:


A healthy body means a healthy mind. Many studies have found the benefits of regular exercise and with human productivity and brain function. Start your week right at our friendly gym or even begin with a quick cardio routine and your mind will receive the ongoing benefits.

Weight Loss

If you have a modest or ambitious weight loss goal, the gym is a must! We hate body shaming but love people willing to put in the work. Reach out to one of our friendly personal trainers if you want help with your weight loss goals or would like to try setting some for yourself.


The energy and passion you get from regular gym sessions cannot be denied - it's a great environment for you and those around you. Plus there is a childcare situated right above our gym, so you can workout knowing your child is safe and happy.


Keeping balance is critical for a healthy lifestyle. You should always balance your work, social and fitness and our gym can play a critical role in this. There is no doubt physical health has a close relationship with mental health so use the gym to stay positive and improve your overall wellbeing!